Why We Exist

There is power in going beyond organizational boundaries and doing together what we may not be able to do alone. At Arizona Together for Impact, we believe that by providing resources for strategic partnerships, collaborations and shared services, we can strengthen the entire sector and ensure that vital nonprofit services are available to our communities for the foreseeable future.

With cuts to public funding and reductions in personal giving, Arizona’s social impact sector is contending with tremendous challenges. The uncertain future of these social programs is of serious importance, as damage to nonprofit organizations and the individual families and communities whom they serve will have an economic and social reverberation throughout the state.

Nonprofits that strategically partner with other organizations can align their services, strengthen their infrastructure, and scale their missions, even in the face of reduced funding and increased demand. Other strategic alternatives, including transfers of programs and initiatives from struggling organizations to stronger organizations may allow vital services to continue and to grow, perhaps even more effectively than in the past.

Now more than ever, Arizona needs strong advocates and leaders to convene appropriate stakeholders, educate the sector about challenges and opportunities, facilitate conversation among key players, and assist more nonprofits to see collaborations, partnerships, and other strategic alternatives as possible options for fulfilling and enhancing their missions.

When it comes to the idea of nonprofit partnerships, there is still much trepidation around the subject. Challenges are inevitable: from aligning board members with different visions and consolidating staff to identifying priorities that will satisfy key stakeholders, a successful strategic partnership between two nonprofits will not be established overnight.

However, Arizona Together for Impact is motivated by the belief that nonprofit program partnerships, or permanent collaborations, can bring immense benefits that outweigh the challenges of restructuring. Research shows that nonprofits that merge successfully can become more effective at delivering vital services and reducing costs.

We believe that by joining forces, Arizona nonprofits can deepen their organizational and financial capacities to continue providing the vital services our state depends on.


Arizona Together for Impact is a statewide pilot initiative to improve the capacity and financial health of nonprofits. With a 3-year grant program which launched in November 25, 2019, the $1.5 million fund provides resources to organizations seeking to become more effective through strategic partnerships to sustained collaborations.

Who We Are

Arizona Together for Impact is a funder collaborative, modeling the vision of partnership and sustainability in the community. We believe that through providing resources for sustained collaborations such as program partnerships, back office consolidation and organizational mergers, we can support nonprofits in delivering programs and increasing their impact. The list of funders leading this initiative is HERE.

Arizona Together for Impact is one of six similar collaboratives throughout the country. Best practices, research and tools are shared among all the initiatives and their directors. Leading the Arizona initiative is Nora Hannah, a life-long resident of the State and an advocate for nonprofit sustainability. Learn more about Nora HERE.

Types of Collaboration

Partnerships, collaborations, mergers, program integrations and shared services are just a few of the terms that are used to describe strategic alliances between nonprofits that are intended to achieve greater impact. A These alliances exist along a broad spectrum of approaches, ranging from less integrated associations and coalitions to more highly integrated joint programming, shared services, and legal mergers.