Consultant Selection Guides

Finding the right consultant to facilitate and implement your collaboration is critical to your success. To help collaborating nonprofit organizations define their project goals and select the right person or team to move their project forward, Arizona Together for Impact has developed a suite of tools.

Develop a clear scope of work:  In an effort to simplify the Arizona Together for Impact funding process, a clear Statement of Work should be utilized for both the grant application and the engagement of a consultant. You can download a Statement of Work form HEREA sample of a completed Statement of work is available HERE.

Selecting a Consultant: Once the collaborating organizations have identified consultant candidates to they will interview to ensure they select a contractor with the skills and interpersonal qualities to successfully more their initiative forward. You can download a Consultant Interview Guide form HERE.  The final step in the consultant selection process is checking references to ensure the contractor has the experience which is best suited to the nature of your project. You can download a Consultant Reference Check Guide HERE.

Statement of Work Fillable Form

Statement of Work Sample

Consultant Interview Guide

Consultant Reference Checking Guide