How to Apply

1. Start a Conversation

Your organization holds an internal conversation about potential long-term partnerships. You identify the organization(s) with which you’re interested in collaborating. 

2. Reach Out

Using tools and resources provided by Arizona Together for Impact HERE, you can initiate a conversation with these organizations. You may seek financial support from the Impact Fund to assist with the costs associated with these “seed” conversations. 

3. Contact Us

If all organizations agree to formally explore the possibility of a permanent collaboration, you contact Arizona Together for Impact HERE. We can assist by helping you engage an experienced consultant or facilitator (Consultant Selection Guides are available HERE), and by providing funding for a portion of the exploration costs. 

4. Apply for Funding

If organizations agree to a permanent collaboration (program integration, office consolidation or merger), you may request financial support from the Impact Fund for a portion of the costs of implementation.  (Download Together for Impact Grant Guidelines)

5. The End Result

When nonprofits join together to maximize the impact of their work, they have the potential to realize improved organizational and financial capabilities, provide expanded or deeper services, and more effectively serve their constituents and the greater community.  

Download the Grant Guidelines

FAQs about the Arizona Together for Impact Fund

While many questions about the fund and the grant process are addressed in the Application Process document, we are compiling a list of frequently asked questions about the Arizona Together for Impact Fund. If you have further questions, please email Nora Hannah, Director of Arizona Together for Impact, at