Arizona Together for Impact

Helping Nonprofits Maximize Their Impact

A strong nonprofit sector is an invaluable community asset. From healthcare, to homelessness, to the arts, nonprofits provide the programs and services that serve the very fabric of our community. And when these treasures collaborate and join forces, they can build greater capacity and create long-term sustainability.

At Arizona Together for Impact, we believe in sustained collaboration. At every level, in every sector, collaboration is a catalyst for innovation, an igniter for positive change, and a means to do more good work than we ever could alone. Grants from Arizona Together for Impact can facilitate, fund, and support strategic, sustained collaborations.  These new relationships, which can take many forms, transform organizations by activating deeper mission impact and increasing resiliency — strengthening the entire nonprofit sector and all our the communities.

Leading our initiative is Christine Thompson, a life-long resident of the State and an advocate for nonprofit sustainability.

Arizona Together for Impact is Supported by Philanthropies

Arizona Together for Impact is a funder collaborative, modeling the vision of partnership and sustainability in the community. We believe that through providing resources for sustained collaborations such as program partnerships, back office consolidation and organizational mergers, we can support nonprofits in delivering programs and increasing their impact. We are grateful for our past and present philanthropic partners in this work.

  • Arizona Community Foundation
  • BHHS Legacy Foundation
  • Bidstrup Foundation
  • Burton Family Foundation
  • Community Foundation for Southern AZ
  • Flinn Foundation
  • Hickey Family Foundation
  • Ingebritson
  • Kiita Foundation
  • Legacy Foundation of Southeast AZ
  • Lodestar Foundation
  • Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust
  • Northern Trust
  • Salt River Project
  • Satterberg Foundation
  • Steele Foundation
  • Valley of the Sun United Way
  • Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust
  • Vitalyst Health Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Whiteman Foundation

Sustained Collaboration Network

Arizona Together for Impact is part of the national Sustained Collaboration Network. For the organizations we work with, that means access to an incredibly wideranging network of expertise, experience, and funding.

Learning about or beginning to design a sustained collaboration is a big deal — one that can raise questions and concerns for a nonprofit staff or board. That’s why the process always begins with a confidential conversation with the Arizona Together for Impact team. In fact, the first step of the process isn’t deciding what kind of collaboration to pursue, but just discussing the full range of possibilities.

Arizona Together for Impact is one of six similar collaboratives throughout the country. Best practices, research and tools are shared among all the initiatives and their directors.

Arizona Together for Impact

Four Types of Sustained Collaboration

Every nonprofit faces challenges in these areas at some point or another. But that doesn’t mean the answers are the same for everyone. That’s why Arizona Together for Impact offers a variety of collaborative solutions illustrated in the graphic below. From smaller-scale collaborations like a shared space or joint programming, to large-scale alliances and organizational integrations, we work with organizations on an individual basis to discover the best path forward. The resources we provide — especially funding for expert facilitation — honor organizational culture and mission alignment.

Arizona Together for Impact

Ready to explore growing the impact of a nonprofit through sustained collaboration, or want to support nonprofits as a partner in our initiative?  Reach out to us at info@azimpact.org.