Engaging Consultants

Arizona Together for Impact

Consultants and Technical Assistance are Key to Success

Collaboration is standard in the nonprofit sector: 68 percent of nonprofits plan to collaborate (formally or informally) with other nonprofits over the coming year, according to the Nonprofit Finance Fund. But most nonprofits struggle to find the time, resources, and funding to make collaboration real. Neutral outside consultants can help nonprofits put together a plan over the months, and sometimes years, these efforts can take to complete. Technical assistance includes financial and legal research and analysis, human resources compensation, fundraising feasibility reviews, and more.

There are many moments when a collaborative discussion can derail.  Having an objective, experienced facilitator will assist the parties in viewing the possibilities objectively, and without undue emotions and influence, ensuring mission is the primary focus over all else. Surveys by the national Sustained Collaboration Network revealed the vast majority of nonprofits served believed that a third party consultant was “important” or “essential” to their decision making.

Partnering with the Right Consultant

Finding the right consultant to facilitate and implement your collaboration is critical to your success. To help collaborating nonprofit organizations define their project goals and select the right person or team to move their project forward, Arizona Together for Impact has developed a suite of tools.

In an effort to simplify the Arizona Together for Impact funding process, develop a clear Statement of Work for both the grant application and the engagement of a consultant. Once the collaborating organizations have identified consultant candidates they will interview, develop an interview guide to help select a contractor with the skills and interpersonal qualities to successfully move their initiative forward. The final step in the consultant selection process is checking references to ensure the contractor has the experience which is best suited to the nature of your project.

Arizona Together for Impact Can Help

Arizona Together for Impact provides grants for nonprofit consultants and technical assistance providers to support the exploration and implementation of sustained collaborations. Consultants engage directly with the nonprofits involved in the project. Each collaboration team determines the selection of the project consultants as well as the execution and administration of their contracts.

Ready to explore growing the impact of a nonprofit through sustained collaboration?  Contact us to discuss the possibilities.