Since he started as the first executive director of ONE two years ago, Michael Barry was focused on one thing: creating value for his members.

“From the very beginning of my tenure in early 2018, the board and I were particularly interested in ensuring that everything we did at ONE was focused on making it easier and more efficient for our members to access our services,” Barry said.

To Barry, this meant ensuring that they were not only increasing internal efficiency and operations but aligning with others in the community in similar practices to avoid unnecessary duplication. In doing so, ONE began a relationship with the Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits, finding that by working together they were able to fill the gaps in each other’s community outreach.

Last month, with funding from the Arizona Together for Impact Fund, ONE has officially become a program of the Alliance.

“The opportunity to be ‘stronger together’ was too good to pass up, and [it] has made our ability to strengthen and unite the nonprofit community that much better,” Alliance CEO Kristen Merrifield said.

The integration offers exactly what Barry wanted to bring to the nonprofit community: a collective focus, which provides ONE members greater access to programs and services. As a result of the integration, both organizations will be able to leverage economies of scale, relieving ONE from the constant pursuit of funding and providing the Alliance the ability to recruit Michael—an experienced resource with a background in marketing and business development—to their team.

Along with the business efficiencies, ONE and the Alliance are able to build programming specifically targeted to the C-suites in the nonprofit sector, something the Alliance did not have before. Under the umbrella of the Alliance, the two groups have hit the ground running, offering a variety of positive operational, financial and community outcomes by being wider reaching and more coordinated than ever before. For both groups, the integration is a step forward to create a variety of positive operational, financial and community outcomes. They can reach a broader audience than either could before, taking advantage of their respective strengths, experiences and members and giving themselves the opportunity to grow together instead of simply alongside each other.

“The focus of our discussions about the future are now more about the ‘how’ rather than the ‘if’,” Barry said.